Restful Sleep is a Gift to body, mind and spirit.


Sleep is nature’s greatest restorer.

 Deep restful sleep is our natural state of being. Natural being the key word.

But how many of you feel like sleep is more a gift than a given? When was the last time you celebrated a good, restful sleep? 

Sadly, sleeplessness and sleep disruptions are more and more a sign of these busy stressful lives we live and it has a negative impact on our health and the quality of our lives.

Why aren’t you sleeping?

Is sleep evading you because of health issues, stress, body aches and pains or unrelenting thoughts? Or is lack of sleep causing all the above issues? Chicken and the egg syndrome fits her and it is worth investigating..

The first thing you want to do is become aware of your sleep patterns. Pay attention for a few days and notice your habits and how you feel the next day.

Some things you may notice when lacking sleep are:

No energy throughout the day.

Reaching for high carb foods for false energy.

Short tempered, critical and defensive.

Over emotional, over reactive.

Feeling drained and depressed.

Poor memory recall, confusion, lack of focus and concentration.

Digestive upsets.

We need sleep as much as we need air, water and food.

Long term effects of sleep deprivation can cause:

Weight gain

High blood pressure

Nervous system dysfunction

Mental impairment, Alzheimer’s

Weakened immune System

Compromised motor skills


A good healthy night’s sleep cannot be over rated!!

 Benefits of sleep

Healthier, happier, more confident, relaxed, able to adapt to the day ahead, better relationships, more peaceful and accepting, better out look, energy and vitality, more creative, better focus and concentration, better days. 

Happy days start with a good night’s sleep

How to sleep better 

First you pay attention to what is, notice your habits and patterns and look for ways to change it or address it.

If you can’t sleep because of heartburn, leg cramps or maybe too many trips to bathroom or any other health concerns do check in with your health provider.

Most of us have a regular, habitual nighttime routines  before bed, especially women. You may not be aware it is a pattern as it has become so habitual for you. It can be as simple as: turning lights off or on, locking the doors, preparing morning coffee, checking on kids and your bathroom routine.

If you don’t have a set routine consider creating one. There are many things you can do to prepare both your body and your mind for sleep.

To start you can learn to practice presence in these routine moments and affirm the activity as a trigger to your mind for deep, restful sleep.

“As I turn out the lights, I look forward to enjoying a good, restful, deep sleep.”

“As I brush my teeth I am getting ready to relax and surrender into a good night’s sleep.”

“As I drink this water, I wash away any and all things that can keep me from sleeping deeply and peacefully, awakening relaxed, refreshed, renewed, at peace with the world around me.” (from Sleep for Vitality Hypnosis Program).

Play with it.

If you are looking for support to explore your sleep patterns and retrain your mind for deep restful sleep I have a Self-hypnosis MP3 download specifically for sleep right here

Sleep Now
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