6 Ways to Prevent Burnout For Busy Women

Take time for your needs.

Prevention is worth a pound of cure! 

When you hear that women can have it all do you start to think it might be more apt to say that women do it all?

Women are mothers, partners, bosses, employees, colleagues, daughters, sisters, best friends, clients, mentors, and caretakers to everyone. So, it makes sense that women can get caught up in the endless demands heaped upon their heads, right?

When you focus on being all things to everyone you start to lose who you are, leading to stress, resentment, feelings of being overwhelmed, and finally, the dreaded burnout. Here’s how you can prevent that from happening.

1.  Focus On Your Needs First 

Start your day with self awareness

When morning rolls around take care of your own needs first. When you wake up (raring to go or not) it’s tempting to just get right into the action, but don’t. How your day begins is how your day will proceed, so establish a routine that looks after your emotional and mental well-being, just as well as your physical.

Consider the following as part of your routine, reading while you enjoy your breakfast, meditation, yoga, a podcast, sitting in your backyard, a trip to the gym, focused breakfast, or just about anything that fills you with happiness.

2. The Bedroom Is A Sanctuary

We’re all guilty of taking our mobile devices to bed and you probably have a list of reasons why it’s so important that you do so. When you wake up you probably reach for your phone before you do anything else, whether it’s to check emails or check out the latest news on social media.

A PHONE does not have a constitutional right to be answered!

This is radical thinking, I know, but find a real alarm with gentle sounds and leave your gadgets out of the bedroom. You will fall asleep easier, sleep deeper, and even find getting up in the mornings easier, too. Once you’re up you’ll slip into your morning routine without the temptation of your phone looming.

 3. Regular Breaks Are Key

When was the last time you finished a cup of coffee while it was still hot? Did you eat lunch, or even have a break? It’s one thing to slip into your flow and plow through your day, but your mind and body need a rest.

One effective method to ensure you are getting adequate breaks and focusing on your work is the Pomodoro technique. Set a timer and work in 25-minute bursts with a five-minute break before starting the next cycle. Use those five minutes to get up and get moving.

4. Take a  Breath Break

Stress tends to restrict your breathing and if you pay, attention to how you’re breathing during your most tense moments you’ll realize it’s shallow. Proper breathing is crucial to your overall well-being, so you may want to use your breaks to indulge in some deep breathing.

Close your eyes and turn your focus to breathing and quieting your mind.

Notice the gentle rise and fall of chest, breath slowly and deeply, listen to the sounds around you, just breath.

5.  Move To Feel Good

It can be simple, stand up and stretch, do cross crawls, bop to the music on the radio, be creative.

Consider yoga or dancing, walking or cycling, if it makes your body feel good then you it’s easier to embrace it.  It will help you relieve tension and improve your mood. Any type of exercise will give you an endorphin boost and leave you feeling better, so even just 10 minutes of activity should be enough to improve your mood.

6.  Set Boundaries

Saying “no” is a key part of good self-care

In truth, it is all about respecting your time and priorities because if you don’t then who will? Set boundaries with everyone in your life and be assertive as you stick to them. You don’t need to justify your no, so stop offering reasons to placate the masses and start focusing on yourself. Read the post “Finding Me Time” and learn about creating a yes list.

Burnout is totally preventable, but it takes a well-planned and deliberate effort. Don’t get sucked into the vortex of a busy life, where you ignore yourself and your needs, your happiness and wellness really depends on you!

You’re worth it! You Matter! You Can!!!


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