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Stress Check and Relax

Stress & Tension go together. We go around unconsciously stressing all day long. First of all, our body’s fight or flight response to stress was originally designed to: quickly mitigate any potential damage imposed by short term acute injury or illnesses, like from tigers. What Triggers Stress Most noteworthy is […]

Make The Time Now: Learn How It Benefits Health and Happiness

Make the Time Now!  Learn How It Benefits Health and Happiness   “Make time for myself, are you crazy?” “I don’t have the time!”  Learn how making the time now,  benefits health and happiness in the long run! More than ever, making time for yourself  is a must for a […]

5 Tips to Set your Mind toward Self Care.

  Are  you a stressed-out, busy woman with no free time? Odds are you answered with a resounding yes that was so loud you startled your kids, your dog, and your significant other. Women today have more on their plates than ever before. Natural caregivers, who often place the needs of […]

Self Care Matters

Do you know how important looking after yourself really is? I just celebrated another birthday and every decade the importance of my own self-care has become more and more obvious. I see so many women who feel lost anxious, misunderstood, are unhealthy, sad  depressed and have no idea of how or […]